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Swissfly Int. Air Lines (may also refer to Swissfly_Group, a group of plane builders/designers) is an airline and founder of the Swissfly Alliance, wich is the major air alliance in Eden. The current CEO of Swissfly is Nick Art. He is actually known as one of the the best plane builder/designer of Eden. The airlines hub is the new Puerto Marabella Int. Airport in Puerto Marabella and the old Airport of Swiss alpin. The airline is the most famous and most important airline in Eden, due to its edenwide known service.


The Swissfly fleet consists of the following aircraft as of August 2015.

Aircraft "In Service" In progress Notes
Avro RJ130 7

5 in Business class only configuration

2 "stored" at Puerto Marabella Int. Airport

A319-100 0 All phased out
A320neo 0 3 Building begins in 2016Delivery delayed until late 2016
A340-100 0 All phased out
A340-200SP 3

To be phased out until 2020;

possible replacement A321neo intercontinental

A340-300E 1 1 Delivery delayed until late 2016
A330-200F 2 Swissfly Cargo
B777-200F 0 1 Swissfly Cargo; building postponed


Swissfly planes can be found in following airports in Eden:

  • Puerto Marabella Int. Airport - Hub (Puerto Marabella): 1 A340-300E, 2 A340-200SP, 2 A330-200F, 1 A320neo, 3 Avro RJ130 (2 in long storage configuration)
  • SWISS Airport (SWISS alpin): 1 Avro RJ130
  • Direct Airport (Direct City): 1 A340-200SP, 1 Avro RJ130
  • Eden Elite Airport (Eden World Builder Elite World): 1 Avro RJ130
  • Airport Munich (AIRPORT MUNICH): A319
  • ZRH Airport (ZRH Airport): A319, Avro RJ130

Other Airlines

Swissfly has codeshare agreements with the following airlines:

Direct Airlines, the Airline of Direct city


Christmas tree air

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Direct city


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