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First Appearance

Version 2.0

Stalker is a skinny, red, aggressive creature introduced in Update 2.0.


  • Hunched-back that resembles a Charger's back
  • Two curved horns pointed to the front
  • Three spots on its head
  • One big yellow cycloptic eye
  • Big gaping mouth pointed with five spaced teeth
  • Horse like legs that bend forward
  • Tan stomach
  • Hoof shaped feet
  • Leans a bit to the front
  • Distorted spikes sprouting out of horns
  • Very fast when attacking


  • The creature was originally spotted in an Update 2.0 preview photo posted by Ari on Facebook. Some speculated that it was just a Charger. Ari later confirmed it to be a new creature.
  • He is one of two red Creature, the other being the Charger.
  • The Charger and the Stalker are the two only aggressive creatures in the game, making them the only creatures to attack without being provoked.
  • It is considered to be faster than other creatures.



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    • Does anyone eles think that Stalker will represent Herobrine from Minecraft? 
    • yea cause I mean he tries to hide from your sight and yet, he follows you waiting for the perfect momment to strike, I'd say he roams the deserts

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