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New Eden


16.500.000 inhabitants (Urban area) 5.300.000 inhabitants (City)

Inhabitants name

Olympians - Metropolitans


Guntram Schmidt

Known as the capital city of New Eden, This humongous city has so much water you could swear that is was not created on a flat world. The streets are made of ice, giving you a nice tour, but you have to explore it slowly to enjoy all the sights, from a huge stadium, a cruise ship, a mini Parthenon, assorted amazing Italian style buildings, and the list could goes on. This world kinda resembles our 'real' world as it has the flags of the world, real buildings, the olympic rings, a cruise ship, etc. There are currently at least three pretty successful rehashes, one just an update, another, a jungle is added, and the third, a lot more ships are added into the ocean, and it keeps getting beneficial updates. In the fourth update, more water is added making the entire area an island. More bridges and boats are added as well. In the latest update, a roadway, to a "hell" was created. It keeps getting more cracked with more lava untill it turns completely black, and filled of lava. Hell is an awesome place to explore.

In the most recent update some sort of glass domes were added in the water.  They are supposedly parts of the mythical city of Atlantis that have risen out of the water near the olympic city.  The new domes are interconnected and quite possibly the best thing ever built in Eden.  The ocean or lake in this area goes all the way to bedrock, and the "islands" that the domes rise out of are floating.

Version History

  1. uperSlide Metropolis by Guntram
  2. Olympic MetropolisV20 Nations Part1
  3. Olympic MetropolisV22 Nations Part2
  4. Olympic MetropolisV24 Nations Part3
  5. Olympic MetropolisV25 Theropod
  6. Olympic MetropolisV26 Highway One
  7. Olympic MetropolisV27 Leisure Kick
  8. Olympic MetropolisV28 Amphitheatre
  9. Olympic Metropolis V30 Tennochtitlan
  10. Olympic Metropolis V31 Taj Mahal
  11. Olympic Metropolis V32 Athena
  12. Olympic Metropolis V33 ???
  13. Olympic Metropolis V34 City Hall
  14. Olympic Metropolis V36 Arena
  15. Olympic Metropolis (V40) Coastel
  16. Olympic Metropolis V45 Oceanic
  17. Olympic Princess Of The Seas
  18. Olympic Metropolis V48 Jungle Fever
  19. Olympic Metropolis V52 Black Swan
  20. Olympic Metropolis V55 Vulcano
  21. The Dawn of the Olymp
  22. Olympic Metropolis Royal
  23. Olympolis V70 HighwayToHell
  24. Olympic Metropolis Atlantis Rising
  25. Olympic Metropolis Port Ankor
  26. Olympic Metropolis V73 finish hotel
  27. Olympic Metropolis Tide Hunter
  28. Olympic Metropolis Continental Shift
  29. Olympic Metropolis Continental Drift
  30. Olympic Metropolis Coral Sea
  31. Olympic Metropolis Exercitum
  32. Olympic Metropolis Storm Maiden
  33. Olympic Metropolis Rheingold


  • It has been in the top 5 a lot of times on the popular list. It has maintained the top spot for quite a while now.</li>
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