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The normal world layout. They all look different from one another
TalonmercAdded by Talonmerc
A Normal World is one of two world layouts the player is given to choose upon loading a World. This was the only layout option for a beginning world before update 1.5. Normal Worlds contain naturally occuring clouds in the sky, trees, Creatures, randomly created hills and stone banks, and caves (before caves were removed in update 1.6). Dark Stone blocks were also removed, as they were found in caves. Normal worlds also have random patches of stone around the world. They are generally used less than flat worlds because of the limited level and flat ground that normal worlds provide, but they give more freedom in the way of building into hills, which could lead the user to create tunnels and underground houses with more ease.
The Normal World, which will drastically change in 2.0.

Future Updates

  • Mountains
    The first screenshot of mountains. It appears that there is ice at the base.
    X-145Added by X-145
    New terrain gen
    The first picture of the new terrain gen.
    X-145Added by X-145
    Although extremely colorful, this appears to be a cave, as the blocks seen is exclusivly stone.
    X-145Added by X-145
    Mystery world
    The mysterious world. A previous snapshot of this 'world' was lacking in the black arches and lava lake. This could be an indication that this could be a new feature being added.
    X-145Added by X-145
    The current appearance of Normal Worlds might change drastically in the upcoming Eden Update 2.0.
  • Naturally flowing Lava and Water might appear in the redone world generator.
  • Normal worlds will have 10 hidden The Treasure Crystals in them in the 2.0 update.
  • The Treasure Crystals are going to be put in so users try to go out and find them! The purpose of these is to encourage the user to "explore," which hints at the fact that there might be other things, like caves or mines or other things, to find in the new world generator.
  • The new world generation includes water with more varied heights, snow-capped mountains, and a raised height limit. There have also been hints at caves and some sort of alternate world, but this is just speculative.


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