Massive City
1 the new plaza hotel, 2 houses in the city,3 the station at the end of the city, 4 downtown new eden city,


metropolis City

Current builder


Not longer building

Current Version




U.C.E. Mark

83,12 / 100


The United Nations building ,Times square


The city was first named harckborg city later it become New Eden City, The city has three districts north yea city, south yea city and east yea city

Former Plan

the first plan to build new eden city was created by nitrowolf1283 but that plan never the plan came. Later the idea came to jamallive1 to turn harckborg city into a city where many buildings and houses in it later harckborg city become New eden city


In the future New Eden city Will become the largest city in Eden world builder there are more and more buildings and houses there comes a time square and a headquarters United nations

Future project's

World trade center, Statue of liberty, Empire state building, East yea city (full), Chinatown, Little italy, Home district, The New City hall,

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