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This world is a very large world available for download in Eden that resembles a classic medieval village. It consists of a town surrounded by big, detailed castle walls. There is a castle at the center of the rather average-sized town. The town has lots of different sized houses and buildings, mainly built with wood, wood trunks, glass, and wooden triangles. This design of housing is very hard to make and it is recommended that you just start with this world as a template if you like, if medieval is the theme you want!


  • Most of this worlds buildings roofs are made of Wood ramps, not shingles, which are more commonly used.
  • If they can find the entrance, the user can actually walk inside the castle walls surrounding the town because they are double layered and do have an entrance.
  • This world is finally popular and well known, after much waiting.
  • In one of the houses, there is a mistake where there is a misplaced Wood ramp. There is also a secret room if you break through the roof of this house. (It cannot be accessed normally without breaking blocks).


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