Little Boxes Estate

Little boxes Estate is a Map created by Carson Mair Built on a flat world it consists of 2 subdivisions making up the estate of Carson Ranch. In this estate all the houses are alike and share similar styles, styles focus on western coast-californian homes. The name little boxes comes from the song "little boxes" by Malvinia Reynolds. When starting off in the map players will begin in a school room, ( the school is located in the western center of the map ) Players will also notice the creative way that creatures are used to populate the map in such places like the church, mall and behind various counters in shops.

Little Boxes Estate By Carson Mair will now be up for download on monday 1st of april march 2013, not monday 25th, this is due to the sudden 2 new expansions. please note that the week delay on the upload of the map, is because the map is now larger and needs to be furnished and landscaped. The original name for the map was Little Boxes Estate By Carson Mair, you can find this in map downloads. You will find this to be called Little Boxes Estate v2 By Carson Mair. unlike the original map the new one is much larger all houses are furnished, all backyards are Landscaped and 2 new areas are added making the map tripple in size. the new areas consist of 1# a community center in this area the estates recreation center is most of it. this recreation center has a tennis court swim center and 2 soccer fields, also there is a curch with a small cemetary, and 4 town-houses 2# area is the new estate these houses are all theamed to western-coast architecture, when in this estate the front of it has a waterfall entrance ( as this area is theamed on Agrestic from Weeds ) all homes are furnished like in the other area, along with landscaped yards as well. We call this estate Carson Ranch, In the new update (Little Boxes Estate v2 By Carson Mair) the Carson Ranch Worship Hall, now has a new building, in this building a church orginized auction and rafle is taking place.  

Easter Eggs, & Things to look out for

The following are things to look out for and find in, little boxes Estate V2 by Carson Mair.

.When you find a house with a red box out the front, they stand for "for sale" signs that means that they are for you to furnish to make your own house with custom interior

.Around the map there are creatures put into likely spots, you can find them behind counters, in the mall, in the church and in various houses in places like couches and in kitchens.

.There are numerous places under the map with names on the walls, these are the names of friends so that people believed that Carson was the one who Created it.

.Inside the Carson Ranch town council office, there is a room where creatures are debating with a large audience. On the upper floor there are also creatures having meetings in their offices.

.Behind the billboard across from the council office, there is an accident involving a moof, who has driven a truck through the fence behind the mall. There is a police car and a fire truck in the same area.

.All the houses have the same dimensions ( 10x10 blocks) thus making them practically "little boxes", this is with the exception of the larger homes west of the school. Garages, porches and pillars do not count against the dimensions.

.There is a small area at the end of the original estate, this is a development area as the houses are unfinished, the added feature of loaded trucks and building material.

.The funny thing is that like in the song (little boxes) the houses are made of ticky-tacky because when you think about it they are all made out of sand and wooden planks, but in the map used as concrete, render and asphalt.

.In a basment of a home in lower eastern Carson Ranch, there are 2 Nergals putting the herb back into suburb

.Behind the soccer fields there is a replica house compleatly made of wood, a shame if you were to light it up.

.The name of the estate is Carson Ranch, originily the first houses setled in the area were not going to have a name, then the map grew so there were 2 estates, now they have combined to 1 Carson Ranch.