Leaves are flammable and can be found naturally on trees.[1][2] In normal worlds, they can be found in green, red, yellow, or orange colors, but they can also be painted to any of the preset colors.[3]

Natural generation


A screenshot of trees in a forest.


A screenshot of different colored trees.

Building examples


A screenshot from Two Titans


A river in Risueño, Frabanta.


A screenshot from My Realistic City V3’9.


  • In previous updates, there used to be 4 different kinds of leaves in block menu (green, red, yellow, or orange). Red, yellow, and orange leaves have since been removed from the game and replaced by the painting function.
  • Some use this block as grass, probably because the actual Grass block is not flammable, and because the Leaves block does not have a dirt texture on it.
  • These blocks only spawn naturally on trees.

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