Garden City is a map created by Enderstripe. The first version (1'1) was released on March 11, 2018 and it made to the featured list. The lastest version which was released 9/10/18 was Garden City 1‘8’2. This map was orginally going to rival Olympic Metropolis.

Version List

  • 1’1 Rainbow Path

First release in Garden City, formerly called the Eden Garden. This featured a house, some roads, and a underground tunnel.

  • 1’2 By Ender

It was released on the same day. There’s four changes; a slight extension of a fence of a house, and the roads are slightly longer. It also added the ”Eden” sign above the tunnel enterance, and added 1’2 in the sewer part.

  • 1’3 Dimensions

This is the first version to feature an offical name; Garden City. The biggest change to this was an addition to the underground tunnel which has a short road with dead bushes and lava everywhere. The message in the tunnel has been extended too.

  • 1’4 Hillside

The biggest change was an additional of a hill and the underground tunnel recieved a design revamp.

The tunnel got new lights which made it look realistic, and the wall got a decoration. But alas by the release of this update, the revamp was not finished so halfway through the tunnel it turns into a stone cube.

  • 1’5 Crops

This update had nothing to do with crops; it was just the location where the screenshot was taken. This featured an addition of a unfinished lake and a barn.

  • 1’6 Palm Lake

After three months, it was finally released. It finished everything that was unfinished. That included the lake. Nothing new was added.

  • 1’7 Suburbans

The biggest change to this was the addition of the six houses.

  • 1’8’1 Countryside

- Redid crops

- Added second ice rink.

  • 1’8’2 (In Progress)

- The ice rink is remodeled heavily.

- The hills and the tunnel going through it will be updated to give a more realistic design.

- Tore off the playground and replaced it with a mega fountain

- Laid groundwork for 1’8’3


Future Updates

  • 1’9 Spook

Mostly likely a Halloween update.

- Gas station will be added

- Hillside Suburbs probably will be expanded

- Longer roads and more cars.

  • 1’ Flowers

- Last Update for Garden City in Eden World Builder. A huge surprise will be added.


  • The hardest part was the tunnel; it was worked on for about 60 hours total.
  • The current map of Garden City looks like a gun.
  • Every update, Garden City always has a surprise.