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Surprisingly, Update 2.0 is finally here! After a very long wait, it hit yesterday without a couple of features, but mostly very good in what it delivered. If you're on the Wiki and notice a page that needs to be updated regarding 2.0, don't hesitate to edit it yourself! TimeMan2112

Final Art assets and soundwork is in progress, Ari is now again very motivated to ship this update and it will arrive soon (but don't expect an pre-holiday release). David Nolte

About Eden - World Builder

NOTICE: The Eden World Builder Wiki is not affiliated with Kingly Games, nor develops any aspect of Eden - World Builder. The Eden World Builder Wiki is purely a source to uphold knowledge of the game itself, so please don't ask us questions as if we are the developers. Comments of the kind will be deleted.

This wiki is about Eden World Builder, a block-based building game for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, where you can build amazing worlds and share them. This game was created by an Ari Ronen, and now by Kingly Software Inc, better known as Kingly Games. The app has become very popular among iOS users, and since its release, has risen to the top 50 on the App Store charts multiple times and sold over three million copies. The game was open sourced in January 2018 and is now being developed by the community.

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April 2, 2015

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Update 2.1.1

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Now that the update is out, what's your favorite feature?

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