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Eden City is a world made by Dblcut3. It is a city with many different neighborhoods, but with the goal of resembling a real life American city.



Stompton is a high crime urban neighborhood based off of Compton, California. The most notable building in the district is the Eden City Police Department (ECPD) Building. It is a remake of the Los Angeles County Sherif Department in central Compton.


Ganton is a neighborhood from the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is where the famous Grove Street is located.


EdenWood is based off of the world famous Hollywood, California. It is a very rich neighborhood and is home to the EdenWood sign. It includes the EdenWood Walk of Stars which is a tribute to all of the significant Eden builders over the years. It also includes many apartments, a parking garage, the Eden City Theater, and the EdenWood Park.

Ari Springs

Ari Springs is a residential neighborhood. It currently only features the Train Station made by AJ, but there is a large road network and plans to make it into a sprawling suburb.

Little Italy

Little Italy is the first neighborhood in Eden City. It is very differently designed compared to the other districts. It has shops, urban style row houses, and a park.

Kingly Valley

Kingly Valley is a suburban neighborhood. It has a convention center, a school, and many shops and houses.

Charger Crossings

Charger Crossings is a very small district. It includes a small row of houses, a large interchange and underpass, and the Cathedral.


Riverside is a historic district. It is loosely based off of Charleston, South Carolina. It has a restaurant, and houses. There are plans for a hotel and more historic buildings.

Moofgate Park:

Moofgate Park is an affluent private community. It has several row houses and a shopping center in the middle. The houses are loosely based off of the Mexican War Streets in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Eden City Districts



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Landmarks / History

Eden City has a strange history. The world is built on the same world as another world. The other world known as "Add an army and share" was a popular community world. Back when the recent list had auto updates, people would make collab worlds such as this all the time. I wanted the War of Eden world to be a part of a bigger collaboration world. The area now known as Eden City started as a fun collaboration city in which people make fun builds. Things such as mazes, games, and other things were built. There was also a Collab Neighborhood. The world was eventually abandoned as a collab world and turned into Eden City.

  • The National Bank of Eden - This is the oldest building in the city, though it isn't the first. There used to be several old buildings along the main road back when the city was meant to be a collaboration world. All were demolished in an attempt to purge the world of unrealistic buildings.
  • Convention Center - This is the 2nd oldest building. The contention center was originally not built to be anything in particular and was once a restaurant. The building was going to be demolished because it was unrealistic, but it was remodeled and turned into a convention center. Inside, there is an arena. There are plans to make it into an arena to fight Chargers and Stalkers in. It is the home to the sports team, Eden City Moofs.
  • Emerald Plaza - The Emerald Plaza is a building that still serves no real purpose except for decoration. It is the 3rd oldest building.
  • Eden City Transit Center - The Transit Center was built by AJ, the creator of Elysian City. It has an underground train station that connects the cities of the Eden Universe together.
  • EdenWood Theater - The theater is located in the center of EdenWood. It is the center of the entertainment industry in EdenWood.
  • EdenWood Sign - Based on the Hollywood Sign, the EdenWood Sign sits above the center of Eden City. It has a large park in front of it and is one of the city's most iconic landmarks.
  • EdenWood Walk of Stars - Based on the Hollywood Walk of Stars, each star in this iconic sidewalk is a tribute to someone who has greatly contributed to the Eden community. Here is the list of people included.
  • Little Italy Park - This is the oldest park in the city. It is the centerpiece of Little Italy. There used to be a Chipotle restaurant across the street.
  • Eden City Elementary School - The Elementary School is currently Eden City's only school. It was originally meant to be a library. It is located in Kingly Valley.
  • Stalker Boulevard Shops - The Stalker Boulevard Shops are the stores on the main road in Kingly Valley. The stores are: Chipotle, Car Dealership, Shell Gas Station, Subway, Circle K, and many others.
  • Eden River - The Eden River is a large drainage system based on the Los Angeles River.
  • Riverside Grill - This is one of Eden City's most notable dining establishments.
  • Cathedral - The Cathedral is Eden City's only church. The original purpose of the building was to be a radio tower, but while building, it was transformed into a cathedral.
  • Grove Street - This cul-de-sac is a remake and tribute to the iconic Grove Street from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It includes CJ's House, Sweet's House, Ryder's House, and O.G. Loc's House.
  • Moofgate Park - This gated community has historic style row houses and shops based on the Mexican War Streets in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Eden City Police Department - A building based off of the Los Angeles County Sheriff building in Compton, California. It was eventually remodeled and now has the offices for most of the city's government officials.
  • Runeshark Tower - Runeshark Tower is the first building in downtown. It is the white skyscraper. It is named after the former youtube group, Runeshark Minecraft. It currently has offices in it.
  • Target - This is the only supermarket in Eden City. It sells food, clothes, electronics, furniture, home goods, and more.
  • Rainbow Plaza - This is the skyscraper with rainbow colors. It was originally empty but was remodeled to have a better exterior, and an interior with a cafe and apartments.
  • Kelly Plaza - The red and blue skyscrapers in downtown. Named after the youtuber, KPopp. The buildings have shops and offices.
  • Scottland Tower - The grey skyscraper in Downtown. Named after the youtuber, Zack Scott's Minecraft server, Scottland. It has an Apple Store, a brewery, and apartments.
  • International Plaza - A building in downtown with flags from many countries. It has shops and offices.

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