The cities v1 ( will be updated into the cities v2) is a world where you can live and visit places in 6 different cities. The first city you're spawned in (and the only city for now) is called stoneville. Places in The cities v1 include:

The city gates

The white house

The blue house ( note: the blue house is your house)

Marco's meat shop ( the shop looks like a tent)

A dark stone road

New places in The cities v2 include:

Lou's water store ( the store looks like a white-painted stone building)

Extended roads

A skyscaper that's a news headquarters

A town square

If you want this world, look it up in the name search

'Hey guys! The cities v2 ,The cities v3, The cities v4, and The cities v5 is out and avadible to download! I know you're thinking, "What are the new features for these new 'updates?" Well you'll be glad to know that The cities v2 has everything in it as it says on this page. But, let's cover the other updates.

New places in The cities v3 include:

'Extended roads'

A three story tower

An animal shelter (only animals are stumpies, may be in The cities v4)

New places in The cities v4 include:

Extended roads

A church (with stainglass windows, cross on top)

Bell tower (also part of the church)

A bridge

A small river

New places in The cities v5 include:

Extended roads

The church (the one in The cities v4, but with a baptism pool)

A pool (swimming pool)

A city way transportation route (small brick building, flat shingles roof, ice to get to the other cities quicker, will be completed in the update after the future update" The cities v10")

Be on the lookout for new updates.

Guess what? The cities v6 is avadible for download! New places in The cities v6 include:

Extended subways

Extended roads

A downtown area(downtown roads are dark brick roads)

A bank

An arcade

#1 downtown square

'The cities 'v7 will come out soon

The cities v7 is out! New places in the cities v7 include:

Extended roads

Extended subways

A pond

A flag

A giant ladder(actully a place in the cities v6)

An ice fort( with snow floor)

A forest(not completed)

A garden(downtown area)

#2 downtown square

A campsite

Be on the lookout for the cities v8.


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