The Bedrock Block is a naturally occurring block that appears in both Normal Worlds and Flat Worlds, but only at the farthest depth in the World. It is not placeable or even destructible, and can only be removed by either hacking or buying a mod pack off the internet (which in itself is a hack). People also create underground cities using bedrock as a floor or street (and also to make skyscrapers bigger than the height limit, which is 25 blocks up from the surface).


  • Many dark spots
  • Rocky
  • Grayish/black color


  • In both flat and normal worlds, there is only one layer of bedrock.
  • TNT cannot destroy Bedrock.
  • Before Caves were removed, bedrock would be in in different layers, as opposed to the same layer as it is now.
  • You can paint bedrock.
  • Bedrock cannot be set on fire.
  • Bedrock is one of only three blocks in Eden that cannot be placed in-game, the others being Weeds and Cloud.
  • Bedrock can only be removed/placed with mod packs.
  • There is a glitch where sometimes the block is not there, allowing the player to jump into the hole but end up at the top again.

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